Trasure Hunt
Den Meeting Idea for Wolf Arrow Point 1 and Communicator pin requirements #7 and #11

This was possitively, my boys most favorite den meeting of all time!

1. Prepare ziplocks bags with "treasure" (candy, key chains, pencils, a little toy, coloring books, etc.) for each one of the boys and hide them somewhere (I hid them in the the trunk of my car.)

2. Give the boys these decoders:

American Sign Language Decoder
Braille Decoder

3. Write a series of clues in Braille and Sign Language that will eventually lead them to the treasure.

To write and print messages in Braille click here.
To write and print out messages in Sign Language click here.

Here are some smaples of messages we printed:
ASL clues Sample 1
ASL clues sample 2
ASL clues sample 3
Braille clues sample
(remember to cut off the "translation" when you print them. They boys are supposed to use their decoder to find out what the clues say.)

4. The first clue is given to the boys. This clue will lead them to the second clue and so on. For your own benefit, you might want to make a list of the places you hid the clues, and the order in which they come. Sample:

Have fun!