"Not in my backyard" Game
(Den Meeting idea for Wolf Achievement #7)

Object of the game: Always put your trash away. Each team pretends that the other side (where the other team is) is a dumpster.

You will need:

1. A bag full of (clean) soft (that won't hurt the kids when they throw it) trash, such as empty cereal boxes, paper tower rolls, eggs cartons, etc,

2. Clothes line (or volleyball net, etc.). Set line higher than boys heads so they don't hurt each other when tossing the trash from one side to the other.


Divide boys into two teams. Put same amount of trash on both sides of the clothes line (or volleyball net, etc.). The den leader turns the back to the teams, and the teams toss trash over the net. When the den leader calls time, the side with less trash wins.

* Note: you could bring a radio and play some music until the time is up. Don't give them a set amount of time or else they will just keep the trash and wait to throw it over the line at the last possible minute.