Pledge Match!
Cut the strips below and have the boys match them
Pledge promise
Allegiance to be true
Republic our kind of government
Nation our country
God the one we worship
Indivisible that cannot be divided
Liberty freedom
Justice what is right and fair

Other ideas:

1. Before the den meeting, print the strips above and hide the ones one the right hand side (the definitions) around the room or outside in a degined area. Tell the boys you are learning about the pledge and see if they can figure out the words from the pledge that correspomd to the definitionthey each find.

2. "Jeopardy" - Divide the den into two groups. Write the definitions on the right, one at a time on a board. See which group can come up with the word first.

3. "Who wants to be a millionaire" - choose one kid at a time to try to figure out what is the word that goes to a definition you give him. You can give them an option to "phone a friend," "help from the audience," or "eliminate a word" of other fake words you provide. Use candy for "money" earned. (for example, they begin with the possiblity of earning 4 pieces of candy, and for every help they get they lose a candy - if the use no help and get it wrong the only get one candy- for participation: so they don't get too upset if they get it wrong!)