"Safe Swim Defense rules"

One of the things that should always be used with any water activity is the Safe Swim Defense Plan. There are eight factors involved.

  • Qualified Supervision - a responsible adult in complete charge. If he has not had water-safety training, he must have assistants who are trained.

  • Physical Fitness - every boy should have a physical examination each year.

  • Safe Area - marked-off swimming area. Not more than 3 1/2 feet deep for non-swimmers, shallow water to just overhead depth for beginning swimmers; and water not over 12 feet for swimmers. The total swimming area should be checked out for any dangerous objects hidden in the water (glass, cans, deep spots in shallow areas, rocks in diving areas, etc.)

  • Lifeguards on Duty - two who are capable swimmers stationed ashore with life line (such as 100 feet of No. 5 sash cord).

  • Lookout - someone who can see all swimmers from shore.

  • Ability Groups - divide Webelos Scouts into non-swimmers, beginners, and swimmers and make sure each group stays in its area.

  • Buddy Plan - pair every boy with a buddy in his own ability group. Make sure each buddy understands that he is to be on constant lookout for his buddy and vice-versa, and that they are to stay near each other at all times. Buddies join and raise hands together every time they hear the call “buddies”. They check in and out of the water together.

  • Discipline - Be strict but fair. Play no favorites. All Scouts and parents must understand the need for obedience to the instructions of swim leaders.