Wolf Achievement 9

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Do these: Ideas/Helps:
a. Complete the Character Connection for Responsibility.

Know. Discuss these questions with your family: How does being responsible help us be safe? Within the past week, how did you show responsibility?

Commit. Discuss these questions with your family: What happens when people are not responsible? What things can make you forget to be responsible? What things will help you be more responsible?

Practice. Practice being responsible while doing the requirements for "Be Safe at Home and on the Street."

Making money-Responsibility

Citizenship beltloop and pin requirements

Primary Faith in God : Learning and Living the Gospel #9

Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

Serving Others #3

b. WITH AN ADULT, check your home for hazards and know how to make your home safe.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #8

You can report unsafe products to the US Consumer Product Safety Comission.

c. WITH AN ADULT, check your home for danger from fire.
d. Practice good rules of street and road safety. (list in book)
e. Know the rules of bike safety.

Bicycling belt loop

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