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This achievement is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award
and Cub Scouting's Outdoor Ethics Award.
Do all of these: Helps/ Ideas:
a. Complete the Character Connection for Respect.

Know. Discuss these questions with your family: What things have people done to show a lack of respect to our world? Why is it important to respect our environment and natural resources? How can you show respect for your environment?

Commit. Discuss with your family how you feel when you see places in your neighborhood that have lots of litter. Name one thing you can do to help the environment.

Practice. Practice being respectful while doing the requirements for "Your Living World."

Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

Primary Faith in God: Serving Others #3

Wildlife Conservation beltloop and pin

b. Land, air and water can get dirty. Discuss with your family ways this can happen.

Quest 7b*

"Not in my backyard" game

National Institute for Environmental Health Science - Kids

Air pollution

Air Quality Index (AQI)

Why is Coco orange?

Work on the Cub Scout World Conservation Award

c. It takes a lot of energy to make glass, cans, and paper products. You can help save energy by collecting these items for use again. Find out how recycling is done where you live. Find out what items you can recycle.

Get a recycling video from you local library

Make a Litter Bug

Quest 7c and 7f*

d. With an adult, pick up litter in your neighborhood. Wear gloves to protect your hands against germs and cuts from sharp objects.

Primary Faith in God:
Serving Others #1

Earn the Outdoor Ethics Award

e. With an adult, find three stories that tell how people are protecting our world. Read and discuss them together.

Primary Faith in God: Serving Others #3

Kids making a difference
cut these stories, put them in a bag, and have the boys take turns reading them.

f. Besides recycling, there are other ways to save energy. List three ways you can save energy, and do them.


Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #8

Using and Saving Energy

Quest 7c and 7f*

* The quests are given as assignments when the task is to be completed at home

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