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Do all these:
a. Complete the Character Connection for Positive Attitude.

Know. Discuss with your family how a cheerful and positive attitude will help you do your best at school and in other areas of your life.

Commit. Discuss with your family how gathering items for a collection may be difficult. How does a hopeful and cheerful attitude help you to keep looking for more items. Why is a positive attitude important?

Practice. Practice having a positive attitude while doing the requirements for "Start a Collection."

Collecting beltloop and pin

Dealing with Feelings

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b. Make a collection of anything you like. Start with 10 things. Put them together in a neat way.

Smithsonian Kids-Collecting
Kids Collect!
All about Rocks
US Mint for Kids

Make red vests out of felt, or mini quilts, for the boys to put any patches they earn.

c. Show and explain your collection to another person. Have a collection show and tell

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