Wolf Achievement #5

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Do all of these:

Den Meeting Ideas:
a. Point out and name seven tools. Do this at home, or go to a hardware store with an adult. Tell what each tool does.

Visit a Hardware store (some stores, like Lowe's and Home Depot, will provide Cub Scouts with wood kits to complete their requirements)

Tool quizzes, activities

Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

b. Show how to use pliers. Quest 5b and 5c*
c. Identify a Philips head and a standard screw. Then use the right tool to drive and then remove one from a board.
d. Show how to use a hammer.

Bring random pieces of 2x4's or any other thick wood you can find. You can ask the boys parents for any extra nails that they might have laying around. Have the boys practice nailing different kinds of nails. Have them use their cretivity to make cool designs, pictures, or "write" their names with the nails.

e. Make a birdhouse, a set of bookends, or something else useful.

Primary Faith in God:
Developing Talents #5

Build a Tool Box

* You can give these quests when the task is to be completed at home.

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