Wolf Achievement #4

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Do all these: Ideas/Helps:

a. Make a list of phone numbers you need in case of an emergency. Put a copy of this list by each phone or in a central place in your home. Update it often.


Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

b. Tell what to do if someone comes to the door and wants to come in. Stranger Danger Role Play
c. Tell what to do if someone calls on the phone. Primary Faith in God
Serving Others #6

d. When you and your family leave home, remember to...

  • Turn off the lights,
  • Close and lock the windows,
  • Turn off the water,
  • Take care of pets,
  • Have my key,
  • Lock all of the doors


Idea: Go through the list by asking, "What would happen if I leave the house and forgot to..."?
e. Talk with your family members. Agree on the household jobs you will be responsible for. Make a list of your jobs and mark off when you have finished them. Do this for one month. Print a Chore Chart
f. Visit an important place in your community, such as a historic or government location. Explain why it is important. If you meet at a church building or school, remember those are also important places in the community.

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Wolf Achievenment 4c: Serving Others #6

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