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Do all these:
Den Meeting Ideas:
a. Make a chart and keep track of your health habits for two weeks. (see your book for list)

Cub Scout Health Chart

Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

Primary Faith in God:
Learning and Living the Gospel #7

b. Tell four ways to stop the spread of colds.

  1. If you have a cold, stay away from other people
  2. Get lots of rest
  3. Turn away from others when you sneeze or cough. Cover your mouth and nose
  4. Wash your hands often, and always wash them after you sneeze.
Germ Wars (Completes all requirements)

c. Show what to do for a small cut on your finger:

  1. Tell an adult about the cut.
  2. Let the cut bleed a little.
  3. Wash it with soap and water.
  4. Cover it with a stick-on bandage. For a big cut, get help fast.


Read the list on the left (tell them to pay really close attention because they are going to need the information later.) With a washable red marker, draw a "cut" on your hand. Pull out a bar of soap, a box of bandaids and tell them they have to show you (without words) they things they have to do to help your "cut." Have them all take turns doing the things they remember from the list until someone does all the things in the right order.

Make a simple First aid Kit (elective16c)

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