Wolf Achievement #10

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Primary Faith in God program related requirement: Serving Others #7 and others as indicated below.
Do requirement a: Ideas/Helps:
a. Complete the Character Connection for Cooperation.

Know. Discuss these questions with your family: What is "cooperation"? Why do people need to cooperate when they are doing things together? Name some ways that you can be helpful and cooperate with others.

Commit. Discuss with your family what makes it hard to cooperate. How do listening, sharing, and persuading help us cooperate?

Practice. Practice being cooperative while doing the requirements for "Family Fun."



Fun things to do

Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

Primary Faith in God: Serving Others 3 and 6

and do TWO of requirements 10b through 10g:

b. Make a game like one of these. Play it with your family. (Eagle Golf, Beanbag Archery.)

Primary Faith in God related requirement : Serving Others #5

Have a Den family night were all family members are invited, and complete two of these requirements.
c. Plan a walk. Go to a park or a wooded area, or visit a zoo or museum with your family.
d. Read a book or Boys' Life magazine with your family. Take turns reading aloud.
e. Decide with Akela what you will watch on television or listen to on the radio.

f. Attend a concert, a play, or other live program with your family.

Primary Faith in God related requirement : Developing Talents #6

g. Have a family Board Game night at home with members of your family.

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Primary Faith in God program related requirements :
All of Wolf Achievement 10: Serving Others #7
Wolf Achievement 10 a: Serving Others #3 and 6
Wolf Achievement 10 b: Serving Others #5
Wolf Achievement 10 f: Developing Talents #6

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