1. FEATS OF SKILL (Page 38)
(see below for ideas to complete this achievement)
** Primary Faith in God Program equivalents - see below

Do ALL of these:

a. **Play catch with someone 10 steps away. Play until you can throw and catch.
b. Walk a line back and forth. Do it sideways too. Then walk the edge of a board six steps each way.
c. Do a front roll.
d. Do a back roll.
e. Do a falling forward roll.

Do one of the following (f, g, h, i, j, k, or l):

f. See how high you can jump.
g. Do the elephant walk, frog leap, and crab walk.
h. **Using a basic swim stroke, swim 25 feet.*
i. Tread water for 15 seconds or as long as you can. Do your best.*
j. **Using a basketball or playground ball, do a -

Chest pass
Bounce pass
Overhand Pass

k. Do a frog stand.
l. Run or jog in place for 5 minutes.

Ideas for Den Meetings:

  • Circuit Trainning- Pair up boys and have numbered stations where the boys have 5 minutes sessions to complete their tasks. Blow a whistle to indicate the time for the rotation.
  • Mini-olympics-Make up competition events out of the requirements. Make candy "medals" for awards. You can also make medals out of tin lids from frozen juice concentrate cans. Just spray them with gold paint and glue a ribbon to go around the neck.
  • Earn beltoops-Some of the requirements are part of the Physical Fitness, Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Swimming beltloops and pins.

*Safe Swim Defense Rules
NOTE for Akela: If a physician certifies that a Cub Scout's physical condition for an indeterminable time won't permit him to do three of these requirements, the Cubmaster and pack committee may authorize substitution of any three Arrow Point electives.

(If you have to combine dens, related Achievements: Bear Achievement #15, #16, #23)

**Primary Faith in God related requirements for 1a,h,j: Developing Talents #9

Other den meeting ideas for this achievement

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