Primary Faith in God program related requirements: Developing Talents #11, and others, as listed below.

Do this:

1. Complete six activities of your choice; these can be from any area (puppetry, music, or drama).*

And do one from each category besides the ones done for requirement #1:

(do one of these not already done for requirement 1 )

(do one of these not already done for requirement 1 )

(do one of these not already done for requirement 1)

2. Write a puppet play about one of your Webelos den activities or a subject of your choice.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents 4

8. Play four tunes on any band or orchestra instrument. Read these from music.

Free Online Guitar Lessons
Introduction to Reading Music

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents 3

16. Give a monologue (a talk) on a patriotic, humorous, or holiday subject or another subject of your choice.

3. Make a set of puppets or marionettes for the play you have written or for another play.

9. Sing one song indoors and one song outdoors, either alone or with a group. Tell what you need to do differently when singing outdoors.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #3

17. Attend a play. Describe the story. Tell what you liked about it.

Developing Talents #6

4. Build a simple stage for marionettes or puppets. 10. Make a collection of three or more records, tapes, or music CDs. Tell what you like about each one. 18. Read a play. Make a model stage setting for one of the acts.

5. Alone or with the help of others, put on a puppet show for your den or pack.

The Three Little "Wolf Cubs" and the Big Grumpy Pig"

11. Tell what folk music is. Hum, sing, or play a folk tune on a musical instrument.

19. Write, put on, and take part in a one-act play.

The Big Bad Wolf Goes to the City

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #4

6. Make a set of four paper bag puppets for a singing group. With the help of three other den members, sing a song with the puppets as the performers. 12. Name three American composers. Name a famous work by each.
Aaron Copland
George Frederick Mckay
Leonard Bernstein
20. Make a list of stage directions. Tell what they mean.

7. There are sock, stick and finger puppets. There are paper bag puppets and marionettes. Explain their differences** and show any puppets you have made for this badge.

**("Puppet" is actually an all-encompassing term. There are hand puppets, rod puppets, sock puppets, and marionettes, which are also puppets. A marionette is a loose-jointed puppet that is manipulated by wires from above, like Pinochio. )

13. Draw a staff. Draw on it a clef, with a sharp, flat, natural, note, and rest. Tell what each is used for. 21. Describe a theater-in-the-round. What are its good and bad points?

14. Show the difference between 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time by beating time or playing an instrument.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #3

22. Explain the difference between a grand opera and a light opera. Explain the difference between a musical and a play.
  15. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Music. 8. Read about William Shakespeare. Draw a picture of his Globe Theater.
* For requirement #1 of the Showman activity badge, you'll choose six activities from puppetry, music, or drama. Then later you'll do one additional activity in each of these areas, for a total of 9 activities.

Primary Faith in God program related requirements:
All of Showman: Developing Talents #11
Showman 2 and 19: Developing Talents #4
Showman 8, 9 and 14: Developing Talents #3
Showman 17: Developing Talents #6

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