Geologist Activity Badge

Do five of these: Helps/Ideas:
1. Collect five geologic specimens that have important uses. Den Meeting Ideas
Geologist Activities
2. Rocks and minerals are used in metals, glass, jewelry, road-building products, and fertilizer. Give examples of minerals used in these products.
3. Make a scale of mineral hardness for objects found at home. Show how to use the scale by finding the relative hardness of three samples. Mohs Scale
4. List some of the geologic materials used in building your home. Mineral made materials in a house

5. Make a drawing that shows the cause of a volcano, a geyser, or an earthquake.

Volcano diagram

Volcano movie
Hot lava movie (click bottom)
Earthquake model

6. Explain one way in which mountains are formed.

The rock cycle

Rock cycle quiz

7. Describe what a fossil is. How is it used to tell how old a formation is? Find two examples of fossils in your area.

All about fossils
Make a fossil

8. Take a field trip to a geological site, geological laboratory, or rock show. Discuss what you learned at your next Webelos den meeting.
Rock classification
9. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Geology.