Do both of these: Ideas/Helps:
1. Talk to an engineer, surveyor, or architect in your area about the different occupations in engineering. Create a list that tells what they do.

Den Meeting Ideas
Engineer Activities
Engineer Quiz

2. Draw a floor plan of your house. Include doors, windows, and stairways.

Floor Plan Symbols

And do four of these:
3. Visit a construction site. Look at a set of plans used to build the facility or product. Tell your Webelos den leader about these. (Get permission before you visit.)
4. Visit a civil engineer or surveyor to learn how to measure the length of a property line. Explain how property lines are determined.

Surveyor Equipment
Example of a Lot Survey
Being a Surveyor-Video
Shape Surveyor Game

5. Tell about how electricity is generated and then gets to your home.

Energy Ed
Generating Electricity
How Electricity Works

6. Construct a simple working electrical circuit using a flashlight battery, a switch, and a light.

Battery Operated Quiz Board

Electrical Symbols

Simple circuit with switch

7. Make drawings of three kinds of bridges and explain their differences. Construct a model bridge of your choice.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #5

Which bridge?
Build a bridge online
File card bridges
Bridge Building

8. Make a simple crane using a block and tackle and explain how the block and tackle is used in everyday life.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #5

Block and Tackle Experiment

Block and Tackle demonstration

9. Build a catapult and show how it works

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #5

Catapult Activity

10. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Mathematics.
Overall Engineer Activity Badge Quiz

Primary Faith in God program related requirements:
Engineer 7, 8 and 9: Developing Talents #5

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