Paramedics Game
(To complete Readyman #7)
  • Fill a bag with the following items: A Band Aid box, a box of matches, a hiking boot or shoe, a picture of a tick, a small honey jar, a plastic snake, a hot dog on a ziplock bag, a small tissue bag, snow gloves, and sun block lotion.
  • Have the boys picking an item from the bag.
  • Read them the situation that goes with the item and see if they can come up with a solution (for answers check the Webelo's handbook)
Visual Aid
Cuts and scratches You were sleepy when you were delivering paper in you paper route so you crashed your bike on a bush and got cut and scratches everywhere Band-Aid box
Burns and scalds A boy at camp was poking a stick on the fire and some hot ashes fell on your arm. Box of matches
Blisters on the hand and foot You came back from a 3 mile hike and noticed you have blisters on your foot. A hiking boot or shoe
Tick bites You're at camp and you feel a bump behind your ear. Your tent buddy tells you it is a tick! Picture of tick
Bites and stings of other insects While on a hike, your patrol discover a honey tree! You don't want to disturb it, so you around another way. A couple of bees want to make sure you don't come back and they sting you. Small honey jar
Poisonous snakebite You are picking up letter for a clean up preject when all of a sudden a snake charges at your leg from under a plastic bag you picked up from the ground. Plastic snake
Choking Your friend tells a really funny joke when you are eating a hot dog and you choke! Hot dog on a ziplock bag
Nosebleed You sneezed really hard and your nose won't stop bleeding. small tissue pack
Frostbite You went out to play on the snow without gloves. When you come in the house you feel a stinging pain n your fingers. Your mom tells you you have frostbite. Snow gloves
Sunburn You did not lestened to your mom when she told you to put on sunblock before you went Scouting for Food. Now you are redder than a lobster! Sun block lotion