Bike Rodeo

You will need:

1. A pack of sidewalk chalk.

2. Bike Rodeo instructions (You might want to print one per adult leader that will be helping with one of the stations.)

3. Score cards (one per boy). You can reinsert the score cards in your printer and print out a cover page on the back side. Then you can fold them in half like a booklet.

4. Pencils for the adults to write down the boys scores.

5. Bikes/helmets and a large parking lot or paved area.

6. One bean bag and bucket if you decide to do this for the Riding Under Control event (as it appears in the Bike Rodeo instructions)


1. Come early to draw the different courses on the pavement as they appear on the Bike Rodeo instrictions.

2. Assign one adult to be over each one of the events.

Den Meeting:

1. Go ever the Rules for Bike Safety (Readyman requirements #9 & #10, page 367 and pages 386-387) This is also part of the Bicycling beltloop requirements.

2. Bike Rodeo-Give each of the boys a score card, and have them rotate between the events. You could ask the leaders to give the boys a practice round before doing the actuel scoring. (part of Byclycling beltloops requirements)

3. Boys turn in score cards. Leaders add up points.

*Related requirements: Handyman 6, 7 & 8 (page300-301)