Mad Lib Fun!

Check out the imaginative cubs in our den! We asked them to provide the nouns, verbs, adjetives, adverbs, etc., to help with a story (of course they didn't know what the story was about) and this is the MAD LIB that came out!

"Cody turns his Bobcat badge the right way up"

Part one:
Cody woke up DISGUSTINGLY Saturday morning. "Today is the day that I will do my HAIRY good deed so I can turn my Bobcat badge the right side up", he thought to himself. You see, he had just gotten his STINKY badge 1 BILLION days ago, and he could only turn it the right way up if he did something helpful for somebody else.

He hurried down to the BASEMENT and saw his SMELLY little brother SMASHING his teddy bear. "Aha!", thought Cody, "Here's my chance to do my GROSS good deed!" So he grabbed his SMELLY little brother, who bit him on the BUM.

Cody took him to the TOILET to feed him breakfast.. His FAT little brother JUMPED and KICKED the whole time and refused to eat any of the BAKED BEANS Cody tried to give him. Finally, Cody's little brother dumped all of his LASAGNA on the CROCODILE'S head. The noise woke Cody's mom up who came GOOGILY out of her bedroom. "What the BANANA are you trying to do, Cody?", asked his mom. "Your ROTTEN little brother already ate GUINEA PIG FOOD 1,284 hours ago!"

Part 2:
Cody's mom sent him to the store to buy a scrub brush to clean the SHINY mess his STINKY little brother had made. On his way there, he saw Mrs. DOUBTER trying to cross the SLIMY street. "Here's my chance!", thought Cody. "I'll help her to crooss the ROTTEN street and then I will be able to turn my HAIRY Bobcat Badge the right side up!"So Cody hurried to the corner, grabbed the old lady by the BRAIN and began to help her cross. When they were on the other side, the old lady grabbed her SPOON and began to hit Cody on the SPLEEN with it! Cody was confused! What the POISON is going on here?!!!", he thought. "I was not trying to cross the street, you GREASY boy!", the TRASHY old lady yelled. "I dropped a ONE BILLIONth cent coin and I was trying to find it to catch the RACE CAR home! Now I am going to have to SMACK all the way home, thanks to you!" Cody just felt STINKY awful, so he offered to help the SMELLY old lady find her coin. He looked and looked all over the place. Finally he spotted it under a TOENAIL, but when he reached over to get it, a JUNKY old dog happened by and wet the coin!

Cody returned home feeling ROTTEN. "I am never going to get my FAT good deed done!", he thought.

"Where's the SLIMY scrub brush, Cody?", asked him mom from downstairs. He had forgotten to get the brush! So he once more returned to the store, where he saw a STINKY little girl crying. "This is it!", though Cody. "Here's my chance to do my good deed!"

"What's wrong little girl?", he asked. (Girl, in baby talk): "You see that RED balloon in the shape of a SKUNK up there?", she said as she pointed to the ceiling. "It's mine and it BLOBBED up there!" "Don't worry", answered Cody. "I will climb on this TOILET and get it for you!"

Cody climbed up and finally got hold of the balloon, when all of a sudden his PINKY slipped on a can of PICKLES, and Cody landed on top of a NAUSEOUS old man who had been under him getting a box of BREADSTICKS!

The FAST little girl ran up to Cody, who was still holding the balloon on one hand (and who was still on top of the SMELLY old man), and got her balloon.

"EMILY", shouted the little girl's mom, who had just returned from getting some BLUEBERRY PIE. "For the TEN BILLIONth time! Stop grabbing those GOOOEY balloons! We are not getting any!!"

Cody couldn't believe it! That CLEAN little girl wasn't suppossed to have that STINKY balloon after all! "I am never going to get that SILLY Bobcat badge turned around!", thought Cody. But something RIDICULOUS was moving under him. He had forgotten he had landed on top of a TRASHY old man!

"It's a miracle!" yelled the old man! "For INFINITY years I've had this STINKY pain on my BUM when this HANDSOME young boy landed on me, and the pain was gone!" Everyone crowded around Cody. "Hooray, Hooray" they all shouted.

Cody shook his EARDRUM in disbelief all the way home. What a GROSS way to do a good deed! But, he finally had done it! He ran upstairs and got his Cub Scout shirt out of the closet. As he was finally turning his GREASY Bobcat badge the right way up, he heard his mom yell from downstairs: "Where's the HAIRY scrub brush, Cody?"

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