Bear Badge Requirements

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(do one)
1.Ways We Worship
2. Emblems of Faith

(do three)

3. What Makes America Special?
4. Tall Tales
5. Sharing Your World With Wildlife
6. Take Care of Your Planet

7. Law Enforcement is a Big Job
(do four)

8. The Past is Exciting and Important

9. What's Cooking?
10. Family Fun
11. Be ready!
12. Family Outdoor Adventure
13. Saving Well, Spending Well
(do four)
14. Ride Right
15. Games, Games, Games!
16. Building Muscles
17.Information Please
18. Jot it Down
19. Shavings and Chips
20. Sawdust and Nails
21. Build a Model
22. Tying it All Up
23.Sports, Sports, Sports
24. Be a Leader
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