Bear Achievement #9
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Do four requirements:

Ideas for Den Meetings:
a. With an adult, bake cookies. 3,000 Cookie Recipes!
b. With an adult, make snacks for the next den meeting. Healthy Snacks Ideas
c. With an adult, prepare one part of your breakfast, one part of your lunch, and one part of your supper.

Primary Faith in God: Serving Others #4

d. Make a list of the "junk foods" you eat. Discuss "junk food" with a parent or teacher.

Primary Faith in God: Learning and Living the Gospel #7 and Developing Talents #10

"Too Many Shingles"
(completes requirements 9d and 9e)

Divide boys into two teams. Give them a set amount of time to divide food wrappers/boxes into healthly and junky

e. Make some trail food for a hike.  
f. With an adult, make a dessert for your family. Easy Dirt Pie
(Completes requirements 9b and 9f)
g. With an adult, cook something outdoors.

Tin Foil Dinners

Campfire Cooking

Primary Faith in God: Serving Others #4

Helpful links:
Cooking with Kids

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This can also be part of Mathematics and Physical Fitness beltloops and pins requirements

Primary Faith in God program equivalent requirements:
Bear Achievement 9d: Learning and Living the Gospel #7 and Developing Talents #10
Bear Achievement 9c and g: Serving Others #4

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