Bear Achievement #8

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Do requirement g and two other requirements. Den Meeting Ideas:
a. Visit your library or newspaper office. Ask to see back issues of newspapers or an almanac. Heritages beltloop and pin requirements
b. Find someone who was a Cub Scout a long time ago. Talk with him about what Cub Scouting was like then. History of Cub Scouts

Den Meeting idea to complete all requirements
c. Start or add to an existing den or pack scrapbook. Cub Scout Scrapbooking ideas
d. Trace your family back through your grandparents or great-grandparents; or, talk to a grandparent about what it was like when he or she was younger.

Primary Faith in God: Learning and Living the Gospel #8
Pedigree Chart
Family History- Activities for kids
Print a blank Family Tree

e. Find out some history about your community.

Allandale Mansion
Netherland Inn
Historical places, Kingsport
Historical places in the US
easy hint: write down some facts about different historical places in your neighborhood in small strips of paper. Place these in a bag and have the boys take turns guessing the historical place it is talking about.

f. Start your own history: keep a journal for 2 weeks. Print a 14-day Cub Scout Journal

g. Complete the Character Connection for Respect.

Know. As you learn about how Cub Scout-age life was like for adults you know, does what you learn change what you think about them. Tell how it might help you respect or value them more.

Commit. Can you think of reasons others might be disrespectful to people or things you value? Name one new way you will show respect for a person or thing someone else values.

Practice. List some ways you can show respect for people and events in the past.

Primary Faith in God: Serving Others #3

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Bear Achievement 8d: Learning and Living the Gospel #8
Bear Achievement 8g: Serving Others #3

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