Bear Achievement #5

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Part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award (page 282)
Do four of the requirements: Den Meeting Ideas:

a. Choose a bird or animal that you like and find out how it lives. Make a poster showing what you have learned.

Wildlife Conservation beltloop and pin requiremetns

  • Have a poster show and tell.
  • Have a "Bring Your Pet" den Meeting. Take pictures to print for posters
  • Visit the local shelter. Bring cat/dog food.
  • Play animal charades.
b. Build or make a bird feeder or birdhouse and hang it in a place where birds can visit safely.

Primary Faith in God: Developing Talents #5

Bird ID

c. Explain what a wildlife conservation officer does. Wildlife Conservation belt loop/pin

d. Visit one of the following: Zoo, Nature center, Aviary, Wildlife refuge, Game preserve.

Animal Diversity
e. Name one animal that has become extinct in the last 100 years. Tell why animals become extinct. Name one animal that is on the endangered species list. Dodo Bird
Check out a video from your local library.
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