Bear Achievement #4

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Do all three requirements: Den Meeting Idea:

a. Tell in your own words what folklore* is. List some folklore stories, folk songs, or historical legends from your own state or part of the country. Play the Folklore Match Game on page 48**.

**Answer key to the Folklore Match Game: 19, 15, 17, 11, 14, 10, 7, 13, 12, 8, 9, 5, 6, 18, 13, 4, 16, 20, 1, 2

Invite a good story teller and have a Spooky Stories den meeting. Put a blanket on the floor and have the boys gather around an electric lantern for light, or read the stories by a campfire.

Play a game of charades where the boys act (or dress up with some props) as the Tall Tale characters in their book - have the other boys guess who the character is.

Myths, Folktales, and Fairytales

Communicating beltloop and pin requirements

*Folklore and folklife (including traditional arts, belief, traditional ways of work and leisure, adornment and celebrations) are cultural ways in which a group maintains and passes on a shared way of life.

b. Name at least five stories about American folklore. Point out on a United States map where they happened.

Photocopy 5 of the character's pictures on the book. Place them in a bag, and have the boys try to tape them on a map.

c. Read two folklore stories and tell your favorite one to your den.

The story of Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett (read this with a hillbilly accent)

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