Bear Achievement #24
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Do requirement f and two other requirements. Ideas/Helps:

a. Help a boy join Cub Scouting, or help a new Cub Scout through the Bobcat trail.

Citizenship beltloop and pin requirements

b. Serve as a denner or assistant denner.

Denner and Assistant Denner Installation Ceremony

c. Plan and conduct a den activity with the approval of your den leader.

d. Tell two people they have done a good job.

e. Leadership means choosing a way even when not everybody likes your choice.

Bullying Survey

f. Complete the Character Connection for Compassion:

Know. Tell why, as a leader, it is important to show kindness and concern for other people. List ways leaders show they care about the thoughts and feelings of others.

Commit. Tell why a good leader must consider the ideas, abilities, and feelings of others. Tell why it might be hard for a leader to protect another person's well-being. Tell ways you can be kind and compassionate.

Practice. While you complete the requirements for this achievement, find ways to be kind and considerate of others.

Kind Kids Club

The Humane Society of The United States

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