Bear Achievement 17

(Page 136)
Do requirement (a) and three more requirements. Ideas/Helps:

a. With an adult in your family, choose a TV show. Watch it together.

Have a family Popcorn and Movie night for a den meeting.
b. Play a game of charades at your den meeting or with your family at home. ASL Guesstures game
c. Visit a newspaper office, or a TV or radio station and talk to a news reporter. Comunication and Computers beltloops and pins requirements
d. Use a computer to get information. Write, spell-check, and print out a report on what you learned.

Make your own custom book
Kingsport Ward
Science for Kids

e. Write a letter to a company that makes something you use. Use e-mail or the U.S. Postal Service. Email Akela

Send an email to the President of the United States
f. Talk with a parent or other family member about how getting and giving facts fits into his or her job.

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