Bear Achievement 14

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Do requirement (a) and three other requirements. Ideas/Helps:
a. Know the rules for bike safety. If your town requires a bicycle license, be sure to get one.

Bike Rodeo

Grand Bike Rodeo

Bicycling beltloop and pin requirements

b. Learn to ride a bike, if you haven't by now. Show that you can follow a winding course for 60 feet doing sharp left and right turns, a U-turn, and an emergency stop.
c. Keep your bike in good shape. Identify the parts of a bike that should be checked often. "I hope they call me on a Mission" (LDS Packs)
d. Change a tire on a bicycle.
e. Protect your bike from theft. Use a bicycle lock.  
f. Ride a bike for 1 mile without rest. Be sure to obey all traffic rules.  
g. Plan and take a family bike hike. This would be fun to do for a Pack Night!

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