This ceremony should be held at a den meeting, as soon as the denner is elected.

DEN LEADER: (new Denner's name), please step forward. It takes a team to keep the spirit alive, to keep the Spirit of Cub Scouting burning. You have just been elected to be a member of that team.

As Denner, your duties are to assist me, your Den Leader.

During the week, you will set a good example for the other members of our den by being honest, fair, and showing true Cub Scouting spirit.

Your privileges include helping to present any beads that are earned by your fellow cub members, conduct uniform inspections in the den, present your Assistant Denner with the Assistant Denner cords and, after your two months in office are up, help in the selection of a new Denner from among your fellow cubs, one that has show respect, helpfulness and has been true to the Cub Scout motto: "DO YOUR BEST".

You responsibilities include being on time and directing your fellow cubs into having the room ready every Wednesday by setting up chairs and putting away anything that is not related to our Den Meeting and handing out the weekly quests at the end of the Den meetings. You will also do your best to attend to all our Cub Scout projects and be an example of hard work and good attitude. Your assistant denners will help you carry out your obligations.

Do you accept these responsibilities, which will help us keep the spirit of Cub Scouting alive?


DEN LEADER: Our previous Denner, __________, will now present you with the Denner cord, which is to be worn on your left sleeve during your term of office. Wear it proudly and with honor. Congratulations!

Assistant Denner installation

Cub Scout (name) has been chosen to represent Den (number) as we walk together through the doorway to adventure. We ask his help as each adventure begins and ends. It will be his duty to open the doorway to each meeting and to be sure the evidence of our adventure has been cleared away at the meeting's close.

Like your Denner, you will be an example to your fellow cubs and Strive to live the Cub Scout promise.

You will help your Denner fulfill his responsibilities into making sure that our Den meetings are a success.

Cub Scout (name), do you accept this as your responsibility?

(Cub Scout answers:) I do.

Denner, please present your fellow Assistant with these Assistant Denner cord, and welcome him into office with the Cub Scout handshake.

Denner, will you please ask everyone to stand and lead us in saying the Cub Scout Promise?

(Cub Scout promise)

Congratulations-you may be seated.