(Den Meeting idea for Bear requirement 9f, 9b, 16b)

Let each one of the boys do one of these recipes and take them home to their families:

1 sm box of chocolate instant pudding (vanilla may also be used)
1 c. milk (or whatever the instructions call for)
1c. Cool Whip
5 Oreo cookies
5 or 6 Gummy worms
Disposable containers with lids to both mix and take the finished product home.
Disposable spoons for mixing

Mix pudding and milk and add the Cool Whip. Have the boys crush the cookies inside a ziplock bag. Mix half the cookie crumbs into pudding mixture. Then top with remaining crushed cookie crumb "dirt". Bury the gummy worms throughout the mixture - just push them in.

If you take disposable cups and let the boys eat some of their Dirt Pie, this can also complete requirement 9b)

Idea for "Snack 'n Play" Den meeting:
Do the dirt pie, and also do 6 of the games of requirement 16b.