Rules for Pack 152 Raingutter Regatta:

  1. When called to race, hold you boat back with your hand against the end of the gutter until you hear the "Go!"
  2. When racing, you will be allowed to "upright" your boat with your hands if your boat gets stuck, but you cannot move your boat forward when doing so. There will be one judge per track, and the judges will give a warning if you move your boat forward. If you get a warning(s), the race goes on. If you lose the race after getting a warning(s), no action is required; however, if you win, the race will be repeated.
  3. If one of the boats gets broken during a race, the results stand. (Did you se the "Down and Derby" movie where the super fast car that the dads built lost a wheel in the race?) We will allow a 5 minute break for you to fix your boat as best as you can for the next race. You parents can help you fix your boat.
  4. We will race each race twice, switching raingutters. If there is a tie, will will toss a coin, and the winner of the coin toss will choose track for the tie braker.
  5. We will have a double elimination race.
  6. A race might be repeated if the judges find a reason that merits it.
  7. The Raingutter Regatta is a chance to show our good Cub Scout Sportsmanship! Remember, "Do your Best!"