Pinewood Derby Treat Ideas

brownies -stick the M&M wheels with frosting

These are made with molds

OK, this is just for the idea for a Banana car.
You can do the wheels with cut up carrot circles and toothpicks

Made with molds

Car on the cob
(You can also do the wheels with toothpicks and cherry tomatoes)

Cupcakes with mini oreos wheels

celery and carrot

celery and peanut butter, with a peanut driver


Cucumber car

Cucumber race car
(you'll need: cucumber, celery, cherry tomato, toothpicks)

Donut wheels car
(small rectangular cake on top of larger one)

Donut police car

Treat bag

PWD patches (print outs stuck with toothpicks) cake

Candy car (glue with frosting)

pan cakes


Track (made with two round cakes)

Ritz crackers, salami, stick pretzels, gummy lifesavers